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Home Automation

Côr Home Automation - Air AuthorityIn 1902, a determined engineer answered one of mankind’s most nagging questions: How do we make hot, sticky, indoor air go away? In creating the world’s first modern air conditioner, Willis Carrier forever changed indoor life. More than a century later, the company that bears his name takes inspiration from his example.

Carrier continues to improve on our founder’s breakthroughs, introducing new technologies that make life at home not only more comfortable but safer, more efficient, and more connected. CôrTM Home Automation, the heart of a smarter home, offers a simple, yet powerful system for monitoring and controlling your home environment, wherever you are, through your smartphone or tablet.


Côr Home Automation gives today’s more mobile homeowner the power of knowing everything from when a door or window is open, to when a basement is flooding to when smoke or carbon monoxide are present. It provides a portal for managing comfort, monitoring children, and turning small appliances on or off. It can trigger a series of automations, or send out alerts. Perfect for a primary residence, a vacation property or both, it’s everything you need for a smarter, more secure, more connected home. We offer home automation and quality air filtration system services in San Antonio.

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